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How to write an essay in a day


Students detest assignments of all sorts. These include essays at all levels of education. This is because it usually takes a lot of time and a lot of work to complete. Another reason is that students do not have the necessary experience and information to write all their essays. This, of course, is not taking into account by the teachers who have to abide by the curriculum despite the obvious deficiency in knowledge of their students.

With time, students have tried to adjust to the stressful and tiring curriculum and to that effect, they have come up with a lot of ways to help them finish their school work within the given time frame. The main thing students should know is that it is always a bad idea to keep your assignments until the last minute before you start working on them. You have to start working on them as soon as the teacher gives them out.


Furthermore, for students who have other engagements that might hinder their ability to focus on writing an essay they might find themselves forgetting about the essay until the last day. Moreover, some teachers give out essays which they expect the student to submit the next day. Despite the form these problems might take, we have devised a couple of ways to tackle them.


Here are the ways one can complete an essay within a 24-hour deadline:

  • Always be ready – In order for a student to write an essay in a day, they have to be always prepared. In this context, preparation means that the student should always take notes in class of what the teacher is saying. Teachers usually give hints of essay topics during their lectures. Therefore, the student has to be attentive to pick up on these hints. When you get home, you can just read up on these topics just to get a picture of what the topic is all about.
  • Use samples on the internet – The internet can always be of help in situations like this. When you have to write an essay within a day, a viable option is searching for samples of such essays on the numerous websites dedicated to essay writing. With the help of these samples, you can model your essay within a few hours, depending on the size of the essay. Always be careful not to copy the sample because it will be regarded as plagiarism and most teachers fail students automatically when they copy people’s works.
  • Use writing services – A writing service is the most reliable when you want to write an essay in a day. This will cost you a little bit more because of the level of urgency attached to it, but the quality of the paper will be totally worth it. Moreover, this will help save you from a lot of sleepless nights.
  • Ask for help – You can always ask for help from your friends when you have a day to write your essay. This help can be in form of them giving you suggestions and recommendations on what books to consult on the issue. It can also involve asking them to send you a model of their own work. You can also confer with senior students or those who have more experience than you do on the subject. Never be afraid to ask for help in these situations.
  • Work extensively – When you have a day to complete your essay and you do not feel like seeking external help, the best option is to devote a lot of time and resources without any distraction until you complete the task.

Term Paper Writing

Writing a term paper is a very serious task which faces students at the college level towards the end of every term. Term paper writing is a very tedious and technically demanding task and because of that, it takes more time to write and also accounts for a huge percentage of the total score the student can earn during a semester.


Tips for term paper writing

Before you start writing a term paper, you have to choose a topic you really understand and have the ability to conduct a study on. You can take notes during the semester and also take notes from textbooks. Before writing your term paper, it is important to make a draft which will help you in developing an outline of what you want the term paper to look like.


Term paper writing help

A term paper help is a writer who provides academic writing help to students all over the world. Here are some of the characteristics possessed by these writers:

  1. English language – The knowledge and proficiency in the use of the English language is a very important quality because all the term papers they would be writing will be in academic English language free of informal forms.
  2. Experience – Through years of academic writing, these writers gain the experience they need in order to write a top-notch term paper. They also have a deeper understanding of what to focus on in order to make the term paper appealing to the professor.
  3. Time – The writers have enough time to work on the papers and as such can make any deadline no matter how tight. They also work in contact with a member of the support team who stays in contact with the student in order to communicate ideas and make suggestions for corrections.
  4. College degree – A minimum requirement of a college degree in the field of study is needed by a writer in order to make sure that they are writing on topics that fall within their purview. This helps to increase the level of professionalism in the tone of the paper.
  5. Access to materials – The writers who work for writing services have access to all sorts of textbooks in different formats.

Benefits of using a term paper help

There are many benefits to buying your term paper from a term paper help online. These include

  • High score – the quality and experience of writers ensures that the student gets a better score on the term paper which is better than what most students can score on the same term paper.
  • Time-saving -  Sourcing out these writing tasks to professionals provides extra time for the students to focus on other things. These include extra-curricular activities, family matters, and every other aspect of human life which is hindered by spending time on this research for the term paper.
  • Quality – the quality of the paper is top notch. Most of these writers work for companies who employ individuals that conduct independent evaluations of the quality of the contents of the term paper. They also make use of software to check for all kinds of grammatical errors and correct them accordingly. Also, they make use of plagiarism checks to reduce instances of people copying other people’s ideas without proper citation
  • Cost effectiveness – The cost of buying a term paper online is cheaper for students who have to buy textbooks at a very expensive price.
  • Additional services – A term paper help can provide other services like editing and customization of papers according to parameters provided by the student. They also make it possible for students to get a list of sources they use in writing the term paper for reference purposes.

Why do people write a dissertation proposal?

Writing a dissertation proposal is an integral part of writing a dissertation. It is just like an essay which describes an event which is yet to take place in complete detail in such a way that the reader might get a mental picture of what you intend on doing. It is used to provide the idea and to suggest the conclusion you expect to reach. It is not compulsory to write the results you anticipate, but it goes a long way to convince the members of the committee that you know a lot about the subject matter.

A dissertation proposal has to be evaluated by a committee, who then goes ahead to approve or reject it. The basis of rejection or acceptance depends on the fact whether the members are in agreement over the relevance of the project or study to the field of study. If the dissertation proposal is approved, you can receive the funds you need for the study, if not you will have to make adjustments and provide a more convincing argument to support your claims.


Should students buy dissertation proposals?


Most people are conflicted on whether or not to buy their dissertation online. However, if you judge the difficulty and the relevance of the dissertation proposal, you will find out that the safest bet is to seek external help. This external help might be in form of a classmate or friend who knows more about writing a dissertation proposal. Most people actually prefer to buy their own dissertation proposals online from dissertation proposal writing services. Here are some of the reasons why students buy dissertation proposals online.

  • Time-saving – It helps the students to attend to all other activities that demand their attention. These activities include extra-curricular activities and other important things like sports, family matters and part-time jobs.
  • Efficiency – Writing a dissertation proposal often leads to a high level of anxiety and eventually mental fatigue which is a result of long hours of studying and working. The student through the division of labor saves themselves from the stress which can decrease their efficiency and subsequently lead to mental and sometimes physical fatigue.
  • Affordability – Despite the fact that buying a dissertation costs money, it is cheaper than buying textbooks and traveling to the library multiple times.
  • Quality – Writing a dissertation proposal involves a level of training and skill which most students lack. This lack of efficiency in self-expression usually affects the chances of the dissertation proposal being approved by the committee.

A dissertation writing service is not just a website where one can buy a dissertation proposal, rather, it is an online company which collaborates with experienced freelance writers to help their customers who are having trouble with writing their own dissertation proposals. Apart from writing a dissertation proposal, these writers can also provide a range of services which are all related to dissertation proposal writing. These include:

  • Editing, proofreading, completion, and customization of dissertation proposals according to the provisions of the customer. They follow all the instructions and suggestions provided by the customer without reserve because they are focused on satisfying the customer.
  • Revision requests – You can apply for a free revision if your dissertation proposal was not written according to the specifications you provided. This revision request is reviewed by a support team who then gets in touch with the writer.
  • Affordable pricing which is dependent on the volume of work and the number of days away from the deadline.
  • Top-quality dissertation proposal which is free of grammatical errors and has a very low and almost negligible plagiarism count.

What is a report?

Report writing means providing information about a study or research which an individual or institution has carried out. People write a report with the aim of providing an account of an event or a research. In a report, one has to recount the events and decisions that led them to the results and conclusions they have come to.

Writing a report is different from an essay because one has to make use of items like tables, graphs, and charts to organize the information gathered during the study. On the other hand, they are similar in the sense that they should follow a guideline. All reports have to follow a particular guideline or they will not be acceptable as professional documents.

Report writing services

With the increase in the demand for report writing services, different kinds of agencies have surfaced on the internet. This makes is very difficult to differentiate those who offer genuine report writing services, from those whose primary objective is to trick people. One can identify the genuine agencies by looking out for the following:

  • Reviews – The reviews of these companies offer a deeper insight on the services of the companies from individuals who have used them. One can also make use of the reviews on the website of companies that review the report writing services provided by these writing agencies.
  • Quality of writers – From the reviews, one can determine the level of expertise through the quality of papers. You have to check the level of professionalism shown by the writers and their level of proficiency in the use of formal English language.
  • Pricing and refund policy – One thing people are worried about is the risk of losing their money to online fraudsters who take your money in exchange for substandard goods or no goods at all. Take your time to read the terms and conditions of the services they offer. If they have no refund policy, it is advisable to find a more reliable agency.

Qualities of a report writer

A report is as good as the person writing it. Judging from the fact that a bad report only goes to discredit the whole process leading to the final result as well as the author, it is safe to assume that the job of writing a report should be in the hands of a trained professional. The experience gained through years of writing different kinds of reports helps professional writers to get accustomed to the basic principles guiding the process.

Different types of report

Formal lab reports are used mostly in the sciences where experiments are used to determine the results of a study. A formal lab report should contain the methodology, process, results, and conclusion drawn from the experiments. In addition to these, it should also contain a conclusion drawn from the results of the original experiment and comparisons should be drawn from pre-existing studies on the subject.

Just like a formal lab report, a business report is one of the most difficult forms of reports in the arts. It requires a great understanding of numbers and figures. Writing a business report also takes a lot of skill due the number of technical processes and the amount of time expended. This type of report is valuable both to the employees and employers in terms of decision making.   

What is a custom report?

Agencies who specialize in report writing often make use of the same guidelines and standards when writing reports for their customers. However, a custom report makes it possible for the customer to choose the contents of the report. The customer reserves the right to choose the parameters and metric values of the components they want the report writer to include in the report. 

Homework writing

The difficulty level of an assignment can vary for multiple reasons ranging from the purpose and the volume of work that the student should do. In terms of purpose, an essay on a particular subject will not bear the same level of sophistication as a research proposal on the same subject. When you consider the volume of work, you have to consider that the time one spends on writing a dissertation differs from that which the student will spend on writing a simple essay.


Therefore, one might say that the mental and physical stress attached to writing assignments increase according to the degree attached to it. This is understandable when taking into consideration the fact that an adult should know more about things than a school kid does.



Homework writing help


An institution or individual that provides writing services to people who are having trouble with their assignments is a homework writing help. A great majority of them can be found online these days. They offer a lot of services to a large number of people from all walks of life.


These companies that offer homework help to students go into partnership with professional academic writers who have proven their proficiency in the basic rules that govern academic writing. These writers who provide homework writing help are native English speakers or individuals who have studied English up to and advanced level. They should have at least spent 5 years in an English-speaking country so as to improve their language skills.


Apart from writing homework and assignments for people, they also help in editing and customizing papers upon the request of any client. This qualifies them for any job they decide to take as regards online academic writing.



Why should I seek homework writing help?

As we all know, people have many reasons why they seek homework writing help. The most predominant ones are lack of time, lack of understanding of the task and lack of materials. Here id s little explanation of the reasons and how they affect the decision of the student to seek online help.

  1. Lack of time – Most students don’t have the time to complete their assignments. This is as a result of taking part-time jobs or due to the demanding deadlines that teachers allocate to doing such tasks.
  2. Lack of understanding – It is no secret that most students lack the basic skills and understanding to write an assignment. This is common with more technical and sophisticated assignments like research proposals, thesis and dissertation which require special knowledge, and follow a certain guideline.
  3. Lack of materials – Most institutions lack the materials which the student might need to complete an assignment. This is evident in institutions of learning that are run on a very low budget. They do not have access to all the academic resources which are made available to students of more prestigious institutions.
  4. High quality of the papers – Institutions that offer homework help make use of the professional writers who have a training in all sorts of academic writing. These writers have a lot of experience in homework writing at all levels of the education system. In addition to that, they also have a deep understanding of the various formatting styles one needs to know in order to write a proper assignment.
  5. Good grades – A sum total of all these qualities serve as a guarantee for a well-written assignment. This is turn, will help the student get better grades than when they choose to write it on their own with the help of little or no academic resources.


What is a research proposal?

A research proposal is a document which contains an idea or a problem on which you want to conduct a research. This document is compulsory when one is trying to embark on a research, in order to outline the methods they would be using. The quality of the research proposal goes a long way in determining if the research will receive the necessary funding and approval. The main objective of a research proposal is to convince.

How does one write a research proposal?

A research proposal does not follow rigid rules, but there exists a universal research proposal template (usually APA style) which one should adhere to in order to make the expression of ideas systematic. Here are the necessary parts of any research proposal:

Title page.

  • This includes personal information like the name of the candidate and the institution of affiliation. Other necessary information includes your date of birth and contact information (in case someone wants to get in contact with you)
  • Main Title - This title should be concise, comprehensive and descriptive with the sole aim of outlining the primary objective of the research.


This should be a single well-developed paragraph that summarizes the whole objective of the research, the key factors and methods to be considered. The abstract should be as clear and simplified as possible.


This is a concise statement which is used to provide a clear explanation of the proposed research. The research question should be stated and explained in detail here.

Literature Review:

This is where you have to discuss the previous works of other scholars and scientists who have done projects that are related to the one you seek to embark upon. In this section, you have to:

  • Outline the problems and the relationship which it has with other pre-existing research.
  • Show a full understanding of the subject matter
  • Make proper references to the work and contributions of other scholars who have a lot of respect in the fields
  • Showcase your ability to critically review literature by outlining the mistakes and suggesting adjustments

Research Objective:

Here, you should state the aim of the proposed search.


It is vital to also state the methods you are going to use in conducting your research. It is imperative that you also outline the scope or population you are going to be conducting a study on. This section should be informative in order to help the reader, who in this case is the research committee, to fully evaluate the methodology. You have to clearly address both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the methodology, by providing answers to the following questions:

  • Quantitative
  • What is the number of proposed participants?
  • What number of instruments are to be used for sampling?
  • Qualitative
  • What are the activities and tactics to be used?
  • Is the research based on an experiment or a questionnaire?
  • Are the instruments reliable?


The timetable of activities should also be included in the research proposal. Things like deadline and period of the research should be included too.

Anticipated result:

Despite the fact that one cannot determine the results of the research, you still have to include your own expectations of the study in relation to already existing data.


This is where you place all the resources that were used in the research. All the works consulted in writing the research proposal should be clearly cited according to the proper formatting method. More so, you should list other resources you would be consulting during the research.


If you have attached any document like your CV, you have to state where they are located in the proposal.

Strict adherence to these guidelines, as well as a clear demonstration of the facts, will go a long way in ensuring that your research proposal is approved. Or if you don’t have enough time to write proposal and whole research paper, you can easily buy research paper at Handmade Writings!

How Ethical is Getting Help with Homework?

The article looks into the questions of ethics and plagiarism in terms of receiving homework help, and analyzes whether different types of homework help can be considered ethical or not.

The opinions on whether it is ethical to ask someone to give you homework help vary. Therefore, it would be sensible to analyze this ethical issue depending on the kinds of homework help in focus. It is obvious that some types of writing homework assistance can be considered pure plagiarism, and consequently, they are completely unethical. On the other hand, some kinds of homework help are simply assistance and do not contain any plagiarism.

Let us look at what is considered plagiarism in the first place. New Oxford American Dictionary states that plagiarism is the act of taking the results of someone else’s work or somebody else’s ideas and presenting them as your own ones. According to this definition, it is possible to estimate which kinds of homework help equal to cheating.


Thinking for Yourself


The perfectly ethical types of receiving writing help involve the ones, where the student asks for a suggestion or a piece of advice, however completes writing assignments independently. These variants of obtaining homework help are the following ones:

  • discussing the ideas with a co-student;
  • asking for a parent’s opinion on the subject, however writing homework on one’s own; working on a project with a group of classmates;
  • using the library sources and quoting them properly;
  • asking for the teacher’s homework help;
  • requesting the information from the school counselor, etc.


All of these actions involve the student’s gathering information, analyzing it, and doing independent thinking while writing assignments.


Having Somebody Think for You


On the contrary, taking somebody’s ideas for your own ones, avoiding crediting the sources, getting writing help from the third party for money and handing in their work would be considered plagiarism. Therefore, this kind of homework help is an unethical one. The examples of the unethical use of online homework help would be ordering writing assignments from some online essay writing services and presenting them as the results of your work. Sometimes receiving homework help online from such services can even be dangerous, because they can turn out to be fraudulent ones. At times it happens that research works and essays written by such companies are of poor quality. For instance, they can be copied from somewhere, contain many mistakes, and after all they can cause you to get a bad grade.

Letting alone the issue of plagiarism, getting this kind of online homework help is simply not beneficial for you, because you do not gain any knowledge. Someone else’s writing assignments for you does not make you a true professional in your area of study. Thus, ethical issues are not the only ones to consider when paying someone for writing homework. The question you might want to ask yourself is: “Do I really deserve it, or can I do better?”

We wish you good luck in finding the best option of writing help.

School Research Paper Problems Finally Solved!

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About Unique Writing Services

Now let’s learn about such companies a little. We are the popular company and we’re all about fast academic writing help with the following:


  • English essays
  • Homework Math problems
  • Tests and exams
  • Literature reports
  • Biology lab reports
  • Movie/book reviews for your Art classes


Every season armies of students like you, your peers, or those two kids from our little story come to us with the question if we can write a research paper for them. And the answer is “yes” for everyone. We all know that research paper is quite an important task that all students have to do some day. There’s quite a lot of problems with writing a high-quality research paper. These barriers are:


  • Tight deadline.
  • Boring working process.
  • Also nervous.
  • High risk of making something wrong because of being in a hurry or lack of experience.

That’s why research paper help coming from the internet is the best solution.
In fact, you will buy a research paper of great quality, which will be written by the professional academic writers for you. In other words, you’ll get a custom research paper - the one written according to your instructions. The one good enough to satisfy all the requirements of your teacher. That’s all possible because we’re working in real time and you can contact the writer who works on your order at any time you want. And, of course, a few words about our employees to make sure that you are doing a right chose. Our HR managers check out every person who comes to get the job in our company and employ only the best. All of our writers are educated and qualified professionals. They are the real masters of their subject and they know everything about writing any academic task. This is not the usual freelancers, but the real sharks in the area of English language, so you can be sure: no mistakes will be found.

Details – Goods and Money


If we talk about other critical aspects, we can say that we work with all academic subjects from your curriculum. Our business, academic, and technical writers and editors cover all topics that modern students might need. That is why our research paper help service is demanded by both students and professionals from different fields. Few lines above, it was written “buy research paper.” Such services cost some money, but don’t worry about it. The prices are relatively low and affordable, so every can become a customer despite his financial opportunities. Here is the list of some good reasons to choose professional writing services online.


  1. We are reliable like AK 47 tool.
  2. Everything is ready in a short time.
  3. Great and unbelievably high quality of each custom research paper guaranteed.
  4. Good and affordable prices.
  5. Responsibility and honesty of our employees.
  6. Security and full confidentiality from our side.

Tips on Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay

Writing an excellent scholarship essay is essential in increasing your chances of winning a scholarship. If you want to get noticed, your scholarship essay must be able to make a lasting impression. Not many people plan their scholarship essays and end up writing them haphazardly. This is unprofessional and only weakens your chance of winning a scholarship. Through this article, we’ll provide you with some great tips on writing a winning scholarship essay.

    Understand the criteria:

All scholarship committees have criteria that they use to assess scholarship applications. If you are aware of the standards, you can ensure that you address each aspect through your scholarship essay. This will help you tick all the right boxes thereby leaving no reason for your scholarship application to be rejected.


    Show your uniqueness:

If you want to make a lasting impression, your scholarship essay should be unique to you. The best scholarship essays hardly have anything in common. In fact, it is the uniqueness of the candidates that helps in getting them noticed. Therefore, delve deeper into writing a scholarship essay that would only be exclusive to you. What is it that gives you an edge over others? Add personality to your essay, thereby giving the reader a reason to remember your application over countless others.


    Focus on the essay statement:

When responding to the essay statement, ensure that you have a clear understanding of what it requires you to address. Go over the statement a few times to be perfectly sure of what your response will need to include. Identify any key terms and brainstorm ways you can relate to these key terms in your reply. For instance, if the statement requires you to elaborate on team-work, don’t only describe your experience as a team leader and what your role entailed. Instead, focus on explaining the actions you took to achieve certain goals or the qualities that helped you win the team-leader role. Provide excellent examples of your experiences and it will allow you to be remembered.



    The use of keywords proves to be beneficial:

If you’re applying for a team-leader role, yet your CV has no sign of the keyword, “team-leader,” it’s highly unlikely that you will be awarded the position. The same concept applies to scholarship essays. If you want your essay to be noticed, ensure that it incorporates an organic use of keywords from the essay statement. What do we mean by organic you ask? Ensure that the keywords are used where appropriate and that they make perfect sense.


    Provide a winning start:

“The first impression is the last impression.” Begin your scholarship essay with a winning introduction. Enable the reader to feel eager to read on. A fool-proof way is to incorporate an inspiring quote that is relatable. It gives your writing a touch of professionalism and allows you to make a smooth start. Have a look at how we have begun this paragraph. Easy, wasn’t it?


    What have you done for the betterment of your community?

If you’ve taken part in community services, we’ve got good news for you. Service-driven experiences give you a high chance of winning a scholarship essay since you’ll be an inspiration to others. Therefore, write down all the activities that you took part in and how they helped you be a high-ranking member of your community. Nothing will make your scholarship provider happier than knowing that they are awarding a scholarship to an individual who deserves it and will pay it back to the community.


    Ensure that your writing is of a top notch standard:

Your academic writing skills say a lot about you! When writing your scholarship essay, allow your writing to leave no room for improvement.  Ensure that your scholarship essay has no grammatical mistakes. You must also read it to check the consistency of your writing. Professional writing services serve as a great source of inspiration.


Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to write a winning scholarship essay in no time!

We are a professional provider of custom writing that includes, but is not limited to, essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, and all other types of academic assignments.


Custom essay writing srevice

We are a professional provider of custom writing that includes, but is not limited to, essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, and all other types of academic assignments.