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How Ethical is Getting Help with Homework?

The article looks into the questions of ethics and plagiarism in terms of receiving homework help, and analyzes whether different types of homework help can be considered ethical or not.

The opinions on whether it is ethical to ask someone to give you homework help vary. Therefore, it would be sensible to analyze this ethical issue depending on the kinds of homework help in focus. It is obvious that some types of writing homework assistance can be considered pure plagiarism, and consequently, they are completely unethical. On the other hand, some kinds of homework help are simply assistance and do not contain any plagiarism.

Let us look at what is considered plagiarism in the first place. New Oxford American Dictionary states that plagiarism is the act of taking the results of someone else’s work or somebody else’s ideas and presenting them as your own ones. According to this definition, it is possible to estimate which kinds of homework help equal to cheating.


Thinking for Yourself


The perfectly ethical types of receiving writing help involve the ones, where the student asks for a suggestion or a piece of advice, however completes writing assignments independently. These variants of obtaining homework help are the following ones:

  • discussing the ideas with a co-student;
  • asking for a parent’s opinion on the subject, however writing homework on one’s own; working on a project with a group of classmates;
  • using the library sources and quoting them properly;
  • asking for the teacher’s homework help;
  • requesting the information from the school counselor, etc.


All of these actions involve the student’s gathering information, analyzing it, and doing independent thinking while writing assignments.


Having Somebody Think for You


On the contrary, taking somebody’s ideas for your own ones, avoiding crediting the sources, getting writing help from the third party for money and handing in their work would be considered plagiarism. Therefore, this kind of homework help is an unethical one. The examples of the unethical use of online homework help would be ordering writing assignments from some online essay writing services and presenting them as the results of your work. Sometimes receiving homework help online from such services can even be dangerous, because they can turn out to be fraudulent ones. At times it happens that research works and essays written by such companies are of poor quality. For instance, they can be copied from somewhere, contain many mistakes, and after all they can cause you to get a bad grade.

Letting alone the issue of plagiarism, getting this kind of online homework help is simply not beneficial for you, because you do not gain any knowledge. Someone else’s writing assignments for you does not make you a true professional in your area of study. Thus, ethical issues are not the only ones to consider when paying someone for writing homework. The question you might want to ask yourself is: “Do I really deserve it, or can I do better?”

We wish you good luck in finding the best option of writing help.