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What is a research proposal?

A research proposal is a document which contains an idea or a problem on which you want to conduct a research. This document is compulsory when one is trying to embark on a research, in order to outline the methods they would be using. The quality of the research proposal goes a long way in determining if the research will receive the necessary funding and approval. The main objective of a research proposal is to convince.

How does one write a research proposal?

A research proposal does not follow rigid rules, but there exists a universal research proposal template (usually APA style) which one should adhere to in order to make the expression of ideas systematic. Here are the necessary parts of any research proposal:

Title page.

  • This includes personal information like the name of the candidate and the institution of affiliation. Other necessary information includes your date of birth and contact information (in case someone wants to get in contact with you)
  • Main Title - This title should be concise, comprehensive and descriptive with the sole aim of outlining the primary objective of the research.


This should be a single well-developed paragraph that summarizes the whole objective of the research, the key factors and methods to be considered. The abstract should be as clear and simplified as possible.


This is a concise statement which is used to provide a clear explanation of the proposed research. The research question should be stated and explained in detail here.

Literature Review:

This is where you have to discuss the previous works of other scholars and scientists who have done projects that are related to the one you seek to embark upon. In this section, you have to:

  • Outline the problems and the relationship which it has with other pre-existing research.
  • Show a full understanding of the subject matter
  • Make proper references to the work and contributions of other scholars who have a lot of respect in the fields
  • Showcase your ability to critically review literature by outlining the mistakes and suggesting adjustments

Research Objective:

Here, you should state the aim of the proposed search.


It is vital to also state the methods you are going to use in conducting your research. It is imperative that you also outline the scope or population you are going to be conducting a study on. This section should be informative in order to help the reader, who in this case is the research committee, to fully evaluate the methodology. You have to clearly address both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the methodology, by providing answers to the following questions:

  • Quantitative
  • What is the number of proposed participants?
  • What number of instruments are to be used for sampling?
  • Qualitative
  • What are the activities and tactics to be used?
  • Is the research based on an experiment or a questionnaire?
  • Are the instruments reliable?


The timetable of activities should also be included in the research proposal. Things like deadline and period of the research should be included too.

Anticipated result:

Despite the fact that one cannot determine the results of the research, you still have to include your own expectations of the study in relation to already existing data.


This is where you place all the resources that were used in the research. All the works consulted in writing the research proposal should be clearly cited according to the proper formatting method. More so, you should list other resources you would be consulting during the research.


If you have attached any document like your CV, you have to state where they are located in the proposal.

Strict adherence to these guidelines, as well as a clear demonstration of the facts, will go a long way in ensuring that your research proposal is approved. Or if you don’t have enough time to write proposal and whole research paper, you can easily buy research paper at Handmade Writings!